Your Questions, Answered Here

Why should we hire you?
Once you hire me you will be treated like family I will take care of your special day and moments as if it was for myself
personally. I will be your problem solver, and make sure your vision, day, and moment come to life.

Do you edit all of your photos?
Yes, I do. Each one of your selections is hand-edited. Our style is very true to life. We do not offer any altering of the
body. High-end retouching is available at an additional cost

Can some of the photos be in black and white and color?
Of course, you can! Each one of your selections will be delivered in black or white as well as color.
How long will it take to receive our Digital images?
For most portrait sessions delivery is within 7-14 business days weddings usually are6-8 weeks rush delivery is available.
Are our Digital Files Watermarked?
I give two sets of each gallery if you would like please use the watermarked versions on your social media ( this is a big
help to me) but if not that's totally fine as well.

Why do I need to sign a contract for a photoshoot?
Contracts are to protect you as the client and me as the one providing the service. A contract is vital to underlining my
professionalism as a photographer as well as establishing trust with my client that I will uphold my end of the bargain.
It sets expectations! It’s always best to be clear and up-front about expectations, what services will be rendered, what
the client should expect to get in return, how the images will be used and to what extent, when you should expect to
receive your photos and the exact amount of images, turn around time, etc. The contract can define those terms or at
least provide you with a starting point for that discussion if it is necessary.
Contracts will be e-signed by the client at the time of booking and are required to secure your session.

Will I be able to download the original files from my sitting?
I will not give out original raw images as they are unfinished work. Additionally, I have a specific style that is associated
with my business. You will see your proofing gallery in order to select your final edits

How many people are allowed at a session?
Only the person(s) paying for a shoot are permitted at sessions.